ALTA/ACSM Survey An ALTA survey is a boundary survey prepared to a set of minimum standards.

Boundary Survey A boundary survey is used to determine the boundaries of ownership. Property corners are located and marked. A sketch is provided, with buildings and improvements shown.

Mortgage Report Survey A mortgage report survey includes a sketch of approximate location of buildings and improvements and NO stakes in the property corners.

Foundation Survey Location of concrete walls, for a new home, after they are poured to obtain permits for the township/city (not needed everywhere). Includes a sketch drawing.

Land Splits (Land Divisions) A P.A. 132 survey is needed when splitting a larger parcel into smaller parcels. Staking the boundaries of the split parcel(s) and the parent parcel, if necessary. Create a drawing and new legal descriptions for the parcels.

Construction Layout Perform necessary site staking for contractor.

Flood/Elevation Certificates Determine buildings and improvements in flood zone areas. Will receive a drawing and FEMA elevation certificate.

Legal Descriptions Writing of new legal descriptions for parcels or easements, as requested by the client. A sketch may be included for description purposes.

Topographic Survey Determining elevations throughout subject property, locations of improvements, utilities, and vegetation as requested by client. A drawing will be included with contours.

House Stakeout  Stake proposed house/building on property, per client.


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